500+ AI Models Now Optimized for Intel Core Ultra, Boosting AI PC Development

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500+ AI Models Now Optimized for Intel Core Ultra, Boosting AI PC Development

Intel has announced a significant milestone in its efforts to drive the AI PC transformation, with more than 500 AI models now running optimized on its new Intel Core Ultra processors. This achievement is a result of Intel's investment in client AI, framework optimizations, and AI tools like the OpenVINO toolkit.

The 500+ models, spanning over 20 categories including large language, diffusion, super resolution, object detection, image classification/segmentation, computer vision, and more, can be deployed across the CPU, GPU, and NPU. These models are available from popular industry sources such as OpenVINO Model Zoo, Hugging Face, ONNX Model Zoo, and PyTorch.

Robert Hallock, Intel's vice president and general manager of AI and technical marketing in the Client Computing Group, stated, "Intel has a rich history of working with the ecosystem to bring AI applications to client devices, and today we celebrate another strong chapter in the heritage of client AI by surpassing 500 pre-trained AI models running optimized on Intel Core Ultra processors. This unmatched selection reflects our commitment to building not only the PC industry's most robust toolchain for AI developers but a rock-solid foundation AI software users can implicitly trust."

The availability of optimized AI models is crucial for enabling AI-enhanced software features on PCs, such as object removal, image super resolution, or text summarization. Intel's OpenVINO toolkit optimizes these models for Intel Core Ultra processors by load-balancing across all compute units, compressing the models for efficient operation, and optimizing the runtime to take advantage of the processor's memory bandwidth and core architecture.

About Intel’s AI PC Developer Program: Developers in Intel’s AI PC Developer Program can access tools, workflows, AI-deployment frameworks for Intel Core Ultra processors. Developers can also utilize Intel’s software tools for optimizing AI, multiarchitecture programming, gaming, media and rendering on the AI PC.

Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at intel.com/PerformanceIndex.  AI features may require software purchase, subscription or enablement by a software or platform provider, or may have specific configuration or compatibility requirements. Details at www.intel.com/AIPC.


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