Xbox Games Showcase 2024 Unveils Massive Lineup of Games

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Xbox Games Showcase 2024 Unveils Massive Lineup of Games

The Xbox Games Showcase 2024 blew the doors open, unveiling a staggering lineup of games coming to Xbox Series X|S consoles and Windows PC. The mammoth showcase delivered world premieres, new trailers, and release dates for hugely anticipated titles from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, Activision, Blizzard, and many third-party partners.

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Heavy Hitters From Xbox's Own Studios

Leading the charge from Xbox's first-party teams were several major reveals:

Age of Mythology: Retold from World's Edge debuted gameplay, launching September 4, 2024 across Xbox, PC, and cloud platforms. Obsidian's Avowed showed a gripping story trailer, coming in 2024. The iconic Gears of War franchise returns with Gears of War: E-Day, set during the pivotal Emergence Day event.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle unveiled new gameplay as the whip-cracking archaeologist faces sinister forces. Coming in 2024, it will launch day one on Game Pass. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 soars onto the scene November 19th. The Perfect Dark reboot stunned with its first gameplay trailer.

South of Midnight from Compulsion Games showed off an engrossing new monster with its gameplay trailer ahead of a 2025 launch. State of Decay 3 provided a deeper look at Undead Labs' ambitious open-world zombie survival experience.

Huge Third-Party Lineup Makes Its Mark

A cavalcade of third-party visionaries also showcased their upcoming games:

Ubisoft revealed the first gameplay for Assassin's Creed Shadows, launching November 15th. The open-world adventure Atomfall was announced for a 2025 Game Pass debut. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 took center stage, deploying October 25th across all platforms.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 is a striking turn-based RPG coming day one to Game Pass. Diablo IV's Vessel of Hatred expansion was dated for October 8th. Id Software stunned with Doom: The Dark Ages, a new single-player dark fantasy FPS arriving in 2025.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard introduced its crew of seven companions. The souls-like Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn raids on July 18th. FragPunk exploded as a new competitive hero shooter.

Life Is Strange: Double Exposure returns to original protagonist Max Caulfield on October 29th. The customizable mech shooter Mecha Break teased a 2025 launch. Konami revealed Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater's remake with a fresh new take.

Mixtape: Nothing But the Hits is a comedic narrative adventure coming in 2025. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2's sinister new Time of Opportunities trailer cast a haunting spotlight. The cozy Winter Burrow survival game was announced for Game Pass. Finally, the soulslike action-RPG Wuchang: Fallen Feathers was unveiled.

Live Game Content Galore

Several live games showed off major upcoming updates:

Diablo IV detailed its Vessel of Hatred expansion launching October 8th. The Elder Scrolls Online celebrated 10 years with its new Gold Road chapter. Fallout 76's Skyline Valley expansion releases June 12th.

Sea of Thieves Season 13 adds an epic new world event on July 25th. Starfield teased its Shattered Space expansion and outlined its big June update. World of Warcraft's The War Within expansion storms in August 26th.

New Xbox Hardware Incoming

Wrapping up theShow, Xbox revealed three new console models joining the lineup for holiday 2024: a 1TB Xbox Series S in Robot White, an all-digital Xbox Series X, and a special 2TB Xbox Series X in Galaxy Black.

With a galactic slate of games showcased spanning every genre, it's undeniably an incredible time to game on Xbox. The future looks bright for Xbox gamers in 2024 and beyond.

Watch the Xbox Games Showcase 2024:


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