Esports for Everyone: Mobile Legends' MLBB Rising League Launches June

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Esports for Everyone: Mobile Legends' MLBB Rising League Launches June

Mobile Legends is revamping its tournament experience with the upcoming launch of the new MLBB Rising League system in June 2024. This new format aims to give all players, regardless of skill level, the opportunity to participate in an esports-style competition.


The MLBB Rising League consists of three main stages: Qualification, Breakout, and Team Clash. Players can earn entry into the Breakout stage simply by completing daily ranked tasks during the Qualification phase. The Breakout stage, held only on weekends, allows players to compete solo or in teams without rank restrictions as long as they have the same bracket progress. A limited number of matches can be played using Entrance Tickets earned from Qualification.


Successful players in the Breakout stage can advance to the Team Clash, where the best teams vie for glory. An 8-team elimination bracket will determine the weekly Breakout champion. Earning more champion finishes increases a player's Breakout level, unlocking exclusive in-game rewards and achievements to display.


A key feature is the flexible "Breakout" mechanic, enabling all players to showcase their skills regardless of initial skill barriers. Players retain their bracket progress if they don't reach champion, allowing them to try again the following week.


While details are still being tested, the MLBB Rising League aims to provide an unparalleled and accessible esports experience for the entire Mobile Legends community starting this June.



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