Microsoft Resolves Taskbar Glitches in Latest Windows 11 Update

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Microsoft Resolves Taskbar Glitches in Latest Windows 11 Update

In late May 2024, Microsoft released updates KB5037853 for Windows 11, bringing new features and improvements. However, shortly after the release, reports emerged of issues affecting the taskbar, causing it to glitch, become unresponsive, disappear, and reappear erratically. The problems were reflected in Event Viewer logs, listing errors related to Explorer.exe and Taskbar.View.dll.

Fortunately, Microsoft has now resolved these taskbar problems in the KB5037853 update. The company utilized its Known Issue Rollback (KIR) technique to remotely fix the issues without requiring users to uninstall updates, install additional patches, or restart their systems.

For regular Windows 11 Home and Pro users on builds 22621.3672 and 22631.3672, the resolution will propagate automatically within 24 hours. However, users can expedite the fix by restarting their devices.

IT administrators can resolve the issue immediately by installing and configuring a special Group Policy provided by Microsoft. The Group Policy temporarily disables the change causing the taskbar problems until a permanent fix is released.

With the taskbar issues now resolved, Windows 11 users can enjoy the new features introduced in KB5037853, including improved file sharing, account management options, and backup capabilities for sound settings.

Read the official release notes for KB5037959


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