The SECURE UPS-2000VA PRO is a high-performance uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed for maximum reliability and protection of electronic devices. With a robust 2000VA capacity, this UPS ensures a seamless power supply during outages and fluctuations, safeguarding critical equipment such as servers, computers, and networking devices. Featuring advanced security measures, the SECURE UPS-2000VA PRO offers surge protection, voltage regulation, and dependable battery backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation and longevity for your valuable electronics. This UPS is a trusted solution for businesses and individuals seeking a powerful and secure power backup system.

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Type: UPS
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Input Voltage  230VAC
Frequency 50hz – 60hz (auto sensing)
Voltage Range 140 - 300VAC
Capacity VA/Wattage 2KVA/1400W
Transfer Time 4 – 8 ms (typical)
Power Cord Length 1.2meter
Outlet Socket back-up x4, total of 4 sockets
Plug & Socket NEMA 5-15p & NEMA 5-15r
Back up time 6 – 30mins depending on computer load
Topology Line-interactive with Built-in AVR
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave under main mode,
Simulated Sine Wave under battery mode
Protection Overload. As load over 130%, UPS is protected in 3seconds.
Load input. Fuse for overload and short circuit protection.
Short Circuit. UPS cut off immediately.
Indicator AC mode: LCD
Battery Mode: LCD
Fault Mode: LCD
Audible Alarm Backup mode: sounding every 10secs
Low Battery: sounding every 1sec
Overload : sounding every 0.5sec
Fault: continuous sound
Noise Leve less than 45-55dB
Battery 12V/7Ahx1
Type. Sealed lead acid maintenance-free.
Protection. Auto-inspection, discharge protection and battery fault caution.
Battery. Normally, battery is charge once in three months.
Recharge time Typical 9 – 10hrs
Dimension L353 x W149 x H162 mm
Weight(kg) GW: 7.80kgs NW: 7.30kgs
Features Inverter compatible, excellent microprocessor control, guarantees high reliability,
boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization, off-mode charging, cold start function

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