LOGITECH G715 Wireless (Tactile) Gaming Keyboard - PC Express
LOGITECH G715 Wireless (Tactile) Gaming Keyboard - PC Express

LOGITECH G715 Wireless (Tactile) Gaming Keyboard

From the Aurora Collection, G715 is a gaming-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless andBluetooth®keyboard designed for comfort with included cloud-soft palm rest. Fully equipped with RGB lighting and your choice of GX mechanical switches.

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Physical Specification


370.6 mm


157 mm


37.2 mm


976 g

Battery Life

30 Gaming Hours

Charge Port

USB-C (cable included)

Key Layout

87 Key TKL

Key Material

Double-Shot PBT

Space-saving Design




Keyboard Type

87 key tenkeyless gaming keyboard


Pro-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless and Bluetooth

Key Switches

Individual RGB mechanical switches

Key Caps

Double-shot PBT

Media Keys

Including volume roller

Perimeter Lighting

Under-case 16 LED perimeter lighting

Battery Life

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery with 30 gaming-hour life (Battery life measured with full brightness of all LEDs, run-to-die. May vary based on battery discharge characteristics, user, and computing conditions)

Part Numbers:

White English Tactile: 920-010467

White English Linear: 920-010693


LIGHTSPEED Wireless: USB port. PC and Mac compatible.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Internet connection required for software download (available on Windows® and macOS only).


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