AOC 23.8" 24G2SP IPS Gaming Monitor

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A universally respected 
anti-tearing solution
Gaming shouldn't be a choice between choppy gameplay or broken frames. Get
fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate with Adaptive-Sync
technology, smooth quick refresh and ultra-fast response time.
Enjoy top-tier gaming 
With a 165Hz refresh rate , your display will be equipped to perform at the pro
gaming standard. Enjoy an ultra-smooth experience with no visible screen blur
to ensure you're always prepped to win.

Instant response times

A pixel response time of 1ms MPRT means speed without the smear for an
enhanced gaming experience. Fast-moving action and dramatic transitions will
be rendered smoothly without the annoying effects of ghosting. Choose the
right path to gaming success, and never let a slow display stop you.
Designed with wide viewing angles
IPS displays deliver 178/178-degree viewing angles while maintaining consistent
image quality and colors from all viewing positions. You can also view your
spreadsheets or weekend movies from virtually any angle without
compromising color uniformity.
Experience more 
immersive and vivid
With AOC Game Color, you can adjust color saturation and grey levels across
multiple levels of detail for a better game experience. Delight in more vivid
MMORPG scenes, more intense FPS action, and better MOBA character details.
Your custom built-in
The Dial Point feature provides selectable custom crosshair options, helping
gamers to play First-Person Shooter (FPS) games with more accurate and
precise aiming.
Optimize your game
Enhances color and sharpness for different game styles. Six modes to select:
FPS, Racing, RTS, Gamer1, Gamer2, Gamer3 and Off.
Connecting your eyes with
your hands
Unleash your reflexes by switching to AOC Low Input Lag mode. Forget
graphical frills: this mode rewires the monitor in favor of raw response time,
giving you the ultimate edge in a hair-trigger standoff.
Protect your eyes from
screen flicker
Flicker-free technology reduces flicker to give you a more comfortable gaming
experience. Normal LED-backlit monitors adjust brightness using PWM (Pulse
Width Modulation) which causes flickering and results in eye discomfort over
long periods oftime. AOC flicker-free technology uses a DC (Direct Current)
backlight system to provide a more comfortable and healthier viewing
experience, minimizing the effects of eye fatigue during work hours.
Connectable with other
This AOC monitor provides convenient connectivity options, with both HDMI
and DisplayPort support to suit both professionals and home users. HDMI
represents the leading digital video, audio, and data interface for high speed
connections between ultra high-definition displays and a wide range of
consumer electronics, including providing support for modern gaming consoles
and PCs. DisplayPort allows for a range of devices to quickly and easily connect
to your screen, delivering higher resolution, faster refresh rate and video
transmissions free from input lag.