Sea of Thieves Soars to 40M Players, Anchors on PS5 Soon

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Sea of Thieves Soars to 40M Players, Anchors on PS5 Soon

Rare, the developer of the popular pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves, has announced a significant milestone. The game has welcomed 40 million players across Xbox, Windows 10, and Steam platforms since its launch in 2018. This achievement comes just days before the game's highly anticipated release on PlayStation 5.

Credit: Microsoft, Rare

In a blog post, Joe Neate, the executive producer of Sea of Thieves, expressed his excitement about the game's success. Neate attributed the 40 million player milestone to the game's brilliant, positive, and welcoming community, whose creativity and antics have continuously impressed the development team.

Since its launch six years ago, Rare has released over 100 free updates for Sea of Thieves, with the upcoming Season 12 introducing new additions such as throwing knives and the Bone Caller. These updates have transformed the game's sandbox and kept the experience fresh for players.

As Sea of Thieves prepares to set sail on PlayStation 5, Neate expressed his anticipation for expanding the community even further. The game will launch on the PS5 on April 30, with the premium edition offering early access from April 25. Players will be able to transfer their progress and items from the Xbox version to the PS5 version, and the game will feature PlayStation-only servers with the ability to disable crossplay.

Credit: Microsoft, Rare

The PS5 version of Sea of Thieves will match the performance of the Xbox Series X version and offer 60 base Trophies, including a Platinum Trophy called "Pirate Perfectionist."

To celebrate the 40 million player milestone, Rare is hosting a "Gold & Glory Weekend," where players can earn boosted Renown, gold, reputation, and other rewards as they progress through Season 11's 100 levels.


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