NVIDIA Turbocharges AI Performance on RTX PCs for Gamers, Creators, and Developers

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NVIDIA Turbocharges AI Performance on RTX PCs for Gamers, Creators, and Developers

NVIDIA has unveiled new AI performance optimizations and Windows integrations that maximize the capabilities of NVIDIA GeForce RTX AI PCs and NVIDIA RTX workstations. These advancements were announced at Microsoft Build.

Large language models (LLMs) now run up to 3x faster with ONNX Runtime (ORT) and DirectML, thanks to the new NVIDIA R555 Game Ready Driver. ORT and DirectML are high-performance tools for running AI models locally on Windows PCs.

Inference performance for three LLMs using ONNX Runtime and the DirectML execution provider with the latest R555 GeForce driver compared to the previous R550 driver. INSEQ=2000 representative of document summarization workloads. All data was captured with GeForce RTX 4090 GPU using batch size 1. The generative AI extension support for int4 quantization, plus the NVIDIA optimizations, resulting in up to 3x faster performance for LLMs. (Credit: NVIDIA)


WebNN, an API for deploying AI models on the web, is now accelerated with RTX via DirectML, allowing web apps to incorporate fast AI capabilities. Additionally, PyTorch will support DirectML execution backends, enabling Windows developers to train and infer AI models natively.

These improvements build upon NVIDIA's AI platform, which accelerates over 500 applications and games on over 100 million RTX AI PCs and workstations worldwide.

For gamers, NVIDIA DLSS boosts frame rates by up to 4x, while NVIDIA ACE brings game characters to life with AI-driven dialogue, animation, and speech.

For content creators, RTX powers AI-assisted production workflows in apps like Adobe Premiere, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, and Blender, automating tasks and streamlining workflows.

Game modders benefit from NVIDIA RTX Remix, which provides AI-accelerated tools to create RTX remasters of classic PC games, enhancing materials and incorporating ray tracing.

Livestreamers can take advantage of NVIDIA Broadcast for AI-powered background subtraction and noise removal, while NVIDIA RTX Video enhances streamed video quality.

RTX AI PCs also allow developers to build and fine-tune AI models directly on their devices using NVIDIA's AI developer tools.

The combination of AI capabilities and performance enhancements delivers improved experiences for gamers, creators, and developers on NVIDIA RTX AI PCs.


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