New Intel Default Settings Aim to Stabilize 13th/14th Gen Core CPUs

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New Intel Default Settings Aim to Stabilize 13th/14th Gen Core CPUs

Intel has rolled out a new solution called "Intel Default Settings" to address stability concerns for certain 13th and 14th Generation Intel Core processors. This initiative requires motherboard BIOS to incorporate the relevant configurations recommended by Intel.

MSI, a leading motherboard manufacturer, has implemented the "Intel Default Settings" feature and recommended configurations in the latest BIOS update for their Z790 motherboards. These settings aim to optimize the power delivery and thermal management of the processors, ensuring reliable performance.

Intel offers two Power Limit configurations under the "Intel Default Settings" umbrella: "Performance" and "Extreme." Motherboard manufacturers can choose one of these configurations based on the power design capabilities of their boards. MSI has adopted the recommended Performance settings for their implementation.

Intel Default Settings

For the 13th and 14th Generation Intel Core i9 K/KS series processors, MSI's BIOS now includes the following Power Limit settings:

Intel Default Settings

MSI has introduced a "CPU Cooler Tuning" option in their BIOS, allowing users to select the appropriate Power Limit settings based on their cooling solution. Upon the first BIOS boot, users are prompted to choose between Intel Default Settings, Tower Air Cooler, or Water Cooler configurations.

Intel Default Settings

While Intel Default Settings is the default option and recommended for optimal stability, MSI offers the Tower Air Cooler and Water Cooler settings for users who prioritize performance over stability. However, a warning message is displayed when selecting these alternative settings, reminding users that system stability may be reduced.

Users can also adjust the Power Limit settings after the initial BIOS setup by accessing the CPU Cooler Tuning option in the BIOS menu.

Intel's proactive approach with the "Intel Default Settings" and MSI's implementation demonstrates a commitment to ensuring a stable and reliable computing experience for users of the latest Intel Core processors.


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