Asus Unveils ROG Ally X, Celebrates One Year of Iconic Handheld's Success

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Asus Unveils ROG Ally X, Celebrates One Year of Iconic Handheld's Success

Asus has officially announced the ROG Ally X, an enhanced version of its popular handheld gaming PC that took the world by storm one year ago - the ROG Ally. While not a complete redesign or new generation, the Ally X promises significant improvements across various aspects of the device.

When the original ROG Ally launched a year ago, it introduced an all-new handheld designed to play all games on the go with excellent performance - the first of its kind for ROG. The company knew it would be something special, but the Ally's success has been as much a victory for the passionate gaming community as it is for Asus itself.

Thanks to invaluable user feedback, Asus has been able to make the Ally even better over the past year, delivering numerous feature updates and usability tweaks. These include advanced controller customization, more customization options in the Command Center, gyroscope-based motion controls, improved compatibility with third-party docks, and updated GPU drivers with support for new games and features like AMD Fluid Motion Frames.

Building on this foundation, the upcoming ROG Ally X aims to take the handheld experience to new heights. The most notable upgrade is substantially improved battery life, though Asus has not provided specific details yet. Users can also expect enhancements to storage, RAM, ports, and potential physical changes to the device itself.

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However, the Ally X will retain the same Z1 extreme and VRR display that made the original Ally stand out, as Asus views this display as one of the handheld's biggest selling points.

Alongside the hardware improvements, Asus is introducing Armory Crate SE version 1.5 - a major user interface overhaul for the software running on the ROG Ally lineup. This update, slated for July release and compatible with both the original Ally and Ally X, will bring a cleaner layout, new tabs for favorite games and game platforms, and customizable tile sizes and arrangements on the home screen. Users will also gain the ability to uninstall games directly from Armory Crate and share game profile templates with the community - a much-requested feature.

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Asus extends a heartfelt "thank you" to the Ally community for their continued support and dedication, which has been instrumental in shaping the device's development journey. "We couldn't be prouder of the Ally and what it's become, and we hope you're still having as much fun gaming on the go as we are," the company states. From using the Ally as a main PC to customizing and modding the hardware, the community's enthusiasm and creativity have been a constant source of inspiration.

Credit: ROG

While Asus has not provided all the details yet, the company has confirmed that the full reveal of the ROG Ally X will take place on June 2nd during the RG Pulse event. As the next chapter in the Ally's story unfolds, Asus can't wait to show the community what's next for this iconic handheld gaming platform.

Credit: ROG


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