MSI Claw Update Promises Up to 40% Performance Boost

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MSI Claw Update Promises Up to 40% Performance Boost

MSI has released a significant update for its Claw handheld gaming device, promising substantial performance improvements across various game titles. The update encompasses firmware, driver, and software components, making it a must-have for Claw owners seeking an enhanced gaming experience.

Credit: MSI

The latest BIOS version 106, released on April 16, 2024, introduces a new feature that allows direct flashing under the Windows 11 operating system, streamlining the update process. Additionally, Intel has unveiled its Graphics Driver version, which became available on April 19, 2024, and is specifically designed to boost game performance significantly.



Furthermore, MSI has updated its Center M software to version 1.0.2403.2801, optimizing the user interface and fixing various bugs. One notable improvement is the relocation of the FPS counter to the top of the real-time monitor OSD, providing a more convenient monitoring experience.

According to a forum post on the MSI website, the combined BIOS 106/EC105 and Intel Graphics Driver 101.5382 updates have yielded impressive performance gains across several popular game titles. The reported improvements range from a 10.3% increase in Helldivers 2 to a remarkable 43.5% boost in F1 23. Other games that have experienced significant enhancements include Dead Space (21.9%), Diablo 4 (22.6%), Hogwarts Legacy (27.6%), and Forza Horizon 5 (18.4%).

Credit: MSI


MSI encourages Claw owners to keep their devices up to date to ensure optimal performance. The latest updates can be found on the MSI Claw official website for BIOS and drivers, as well as the Intel website for GPU drivers.


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