Cities: Skylines II Patch Adds DLSS, Free Beach DLC, Performance Boosts

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Cities: Skylines II Patch Adds DLSS, Free Beach DLC, Performance Boosts

Colossal Order has released patch 1.1.2f1 for Cities: Skylines II on Steam and Microsoft Store. This patch includes several new features and improvements.

One of the major additions is support for Nvidia DLSS Super Resolution to boost performance. The Beach Properties assets have also been implemented into the base game, making them available for free to all players.

Credit: Paradox Interactive

The patch brings performance optimizations such as pathfinding improvements to reduce slowing of the simulation, UI optimizations, and efforts to decrease frame spikes.

Numerous bugs have been fixed, including crashes, dispatching issues for service vehicles, problems with tutorials and UI elements, and various other gameplay and editor issues.


For the editor, new features have been added like wind editing for maps, Paradox creator profile bindings, notifications for mod loading status, and UI improvements for controller support.

The Paradox Mods platform has been updated with version 1.4.1, bringing enhancements like creator profiles, ability to follow creators, new navigation options, and UI redesigns.

Looking ahead, Colossal Order states their next patch will take about a month and will include a large rework of the game's economy systems based on player feedback. Additionally, resolving issues with the asset import pipeline for modding is a top priority, though it may take several more months.


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