Intel Adding Adaptive Sharpening Filter to Lunar Lake

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Intel Adding Adaptive Sharpening Filter to Lunar Lake

Intel is developing a new adaptive image sharpening filter that leverages hardware display scalers, targeting their Lunar Lake's (LNL) integrated graphics and future platforms. Initial implementation details recently surfaced through a patch series posted to the Linux GPU driver development mailing list. The filter aims to improve visual quality of images and graphics that appear slightly blurred or pixelated.

Sharpening is a common image processing technique to enhance clarity and apparent resolution. However, uniform application can lead to unwanted artifacts or loss of fine details. Intel's method focuses on adaptive regional sharpening customized through display scaler settings to avoid oversharpening.


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The patches introduce a property to control the sharpening intensity from the OS userspace. They also tune the scaler filter coefficients and operating mode specifically for this algorithm. Ongoing work is underway on userspace software changes to support the interface.


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