Excel Experts Compete for Spot in World Championship Finals in Las Vegas

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Excel Experts Compete for Spot in World Championship Finals in Las Vegas

The Microsoft Excel World Championship is welcoming all levels of Microsoft Excel users to participate in an exciting competition leading up to the annual Microsoft Excel World Championship Finals. The competition is hosted by the Financial Modeling World Cup. Competitors will be able to showcase their Excel financial modeling skills through a series of online battles featuring challenging finance cases to solve.


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The competition has something to offer Excel users of varying skill levels. Newcomers can learn more about Excel financial modeling while seasoned users have the opportunity to connect with other Excel professionals.



The Championship Season will feature ten battles where four participants per battle will solve a finance case live. Through each progressive battle, the top 128 competitors will be selected to advance and qualify for the World Championship Finals held in Las Vegas at the end of the year.

Click here to learn more: https://fmworldcup.com/excel-esports/microsoft-excel-world-championship/


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