AMD Software Driver Update Brings Video Upscaling and Streaming Enhancements

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AMD Software Driver Update Brings Video Upscaling and Streaming Enhancements

AMD has released its latest software driver, Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1, which introduces new visual features and improvements for video playback and game streaming using AMD Ryzen and Radeon products.

The update adds a Video Upscale option that applies sharpening and clarity enhancements to video playback in apps like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Media Player. Gamers can enable Video Upscale in the Graphics settings of AMD Software and adjust the intensity of the upscaling effect. AMD says this can provide better image quality for videos, especially those at lower resolutions, all the way up to 4K.

The driver also optimizes encoding support for recording and streaming gameplay footage. Users of HEVC, AVC, and AV1 encoders will experience automatically improved quality. AMD has also expanded its Content Adaptive Machine Learning (CAML) technology to boost on-screen text clarity in streamed or recorded game footage up to 4K resolution.

Improved Encoding Support & CAML Text Quality
Improved Encoding Support & CAML Text Quality. (Credit: AMD)


With the discontinuation of AMD Link last month, AMD suggests Parsec as an alternative for game streaming. AMD has been collaborating with Parsec to ensure great performance and quality for Radeon users. Parsec offers low-latency remote access for gaming and applications on your home computer from anywhere.

The Adrenalin Edition 24.1.1 driver is available now from AMD.


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