Steam Introduces New 'Steam Families' Feature

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Steam Introduces New 'Steam Families' Feature

Valve has announced the launch of 'Steam Families', a new collection of family-related features available in the Steam Beta Client. Steam Families replaces the previous Steam Family Sharing and Steam Family View offerings.

With Steam Families, users can create a family group and invite up to 5 family members. Each member gains access to features like Family Sharing and Parental Controls.


Family Sharing allows members to access and play games from other family members' libraries. Games will have separate saved games, achievements, and workshop access. If multiple copies of a game are owned across the family, multiple members can play that game concurrently.


Parental Controls allow adults to manage which games children can access, set playtime limits, restrict community features, view playtime reports, and approve requests for more playtime or privileges.


A new Child Purchase Request option streamlines the process for children to request game purchases, which adults can approve and pay for remotely.

Steam Families is intended for households of up to 6 close family members. Adults can leave a family after 1 year to join a new one, while child accounts must be removed by an adult or Steam Support. Each vacant family slot has a 1-year cooldown before a new member can occupy it.

Game developers control whether their titles are eligible for Family Sharing, with an opt-out available for technical limitations or special cases.

Current Steam Family Sharing settings will carry over, while previous Family View parental control settings for child accounts will transfer under the new Parental Controls.

Steam users can join the Steam Family Beta, create a family group, and invite members through the Account Details section of the Steam Store.


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