Starfield's Massive May Update Brings Major New Features and Improvements

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Starfield's Massive May Update Brings Major New Features and Improvements

Bethesda Game Studios is releasing Starfield's largest update since launch on May 15th. The highly-anticipated May Update introduces a host of new features and improvements based on community feedback.


Here are the key highlights:

Updated Surface Maps

The update delivers more detailed surface maps, replacing surface dots with terrain markings and clearly displaying points of interest. Major cities now feature vendor location markers that also serve as fast travel points.


New Gameplay Options

Players can now increase vendor credits and carry capacity, access ship cargo from anywhere, and toggle survival features like food effects and environmental hazards. New combat settings allow adjusting space combat difficulty and run-and-gun combat separately. An Extreme difficulty above Very Hard has been added for those seeking a bigger challenge.


Ship Interior Customization

The update expands ship interior customization, similar to outpost decoration. Completely empty hab modules are introduced, allowing players to start decorating from scratch and experiment with new layouts.


Xbox Series X Display Settings

Xbox Series X players gain more control over graphic fidelity and performance, with options to choose frame rate targets (30, 40, 60, or uncapped on VRR displays), and prioritize visuals or performance.

New Game Plus Trait Respeccing

After entering the Unity in New Game Plus, players can change their appearance and Traits, offering a new way to experience the universe.


Quality of Life Improvements

Additions include the ability to toggle the dialogue camera off, and new tabs in Container and Barter menus for easier navigation.

Future Updates

The team is working on introducing land vehicles for planetary exploration, official mod support, and the massive Shattered Space expansion in future updates.

With this substantial update, Bethesda Game Studios aims to enhance the Starfield experience based on player feedback while paving the way for more exciting content to come.



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