New Update for ROG Ally's Armoury Crate SE + Details on AMD's Fluid Motion Frames Support

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New Update for ROG Ally's Armoury Crate SE + Details on AMD's Fluid Motion Frames Support


In a recent announcement from ROG Global's official X account, @ASUS_ROG, it has been revealed that a new update has been rolled out for the ROG Ally's Armoury Crate SE. The update brings about several minor enhancements along with the introduction of a quick-access TDP slider.

One notable addition in the update is the inclusion of quick Manual Mode adjustment options for SPL (System Power Level), SPPT (Short Power Protection Time), and FPPT (Long Power Protection Time) directly in the Command Center.

Additionally, users can now assign the Gyro Enable feature to multiple buttons, offering more flexibility in configuring the device. A "Never show again" option has been introduced for the Campaign popup, providing users the choice to opt out of these notifications.

To prevent conflicts during changes to the global Operating Mode through the Command Center, new Game Profiles will now have their Operating Mode set to "Unassigned," as per the changelog.



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AMD's Fluid Motion Frames

In a separate development, details on the support for AMD's Fluid Motion Frames feature on ROG Ally have been shared. While AMD has recently launched this feature on desktop platforms, the update for ROG Ally is still undergoing testing on ASUS's end. Certification from AMD is awaited before the final release to the user community.

ROG acknowledges the excitement within the user community regarding the AMD Fluid Motion Frames feature and reassures users that efforts are underway to deliver the update as soon as possible. The testing phase is crucial to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of the feature on ROG Ally, emphasizing the commitment to providing a stable and reliable user experience.

As the community eagerly awaits this upcoming update, ROG encourages users to stay tuned for further announcements and updates on the development and release of the AMD Fluid Motion Frames feature on ROG Ally.



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