Lethal Company Gets Major 'Hopping Update' in Version 50

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Lethal Company Gets Major 'Hopping Update' in Version 50

Lethal Company, the hit cooperative survival horror game from developer Zeekerss, has received a substantial update with Version 50, dubbed "The Hopping Update." This latest patch brings a host of new content and gameplay changes to keep players on their toes.

One of the biggest additions is a new forest moon called Adamance, offering a fresh environment for players to explore. The exterior of the Dine location has also been reworked, providing a refreshing change of scenery. Players will encounter two new outdoor entities and one new indoor entity, adding to the game's already diverse array of challenges.

In a nod to the Easter season, the update introduces throwable Easter eggs, injecting a whimsical touch to the game's otherwise tense atmosphere. The rotating shop has been updated with two new suits and a disco ball, giving players more customization options.

Gameplay mechanics have also been tweaked, with players now able to run down slopes faster, adding a new layer of mobility to the experience. However, the update also introduces a new hazard/trap indoors, ensuring that players remain vigilant at all times.

Other notable changes include:

  • The bell now makes chimes when dropped, alerting nearby enemies.
  • Baboon hawks now spawn in pairs, have reduced health and damage output.
  • Adjustments to scrap output and spawn rates across moons to encourage exploration.
  • Players can now bounce off walls at steep angles, adding a new dynamic to movement.
  • The shovel's weight has been slightly increased, reducing players' ability to become self-sufficient killing machines.
  • Fixed an issue with crouch-sprinting that allowed players to bypass intended mechanics.
  • Falling out of bounds no longer teleports players to the main facility entrance.
  • Manor layouts have been adjusted to generate smaller on certain moons, while indoor levels in Rend and Dine have been scaled up to compensate.

With this update, Zeekerss aims to introduce more variety to both outdoor and indoor environments in the game, promising even more creatures and content in future updates.

Lethal Company, which launched in early access on October 9, 2023, has quickly gained popularity on Steam and was even nominated for a BAFTA Games EE Players' Choice Award. The game's unique blend of cooperative survival horror and intense gameplay has resonated with players, and the Hopping Update is sure to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Credit: Zeekerss via Steam


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