JEDEC Unveils GDDR7: A Breakthrough in Graphics Memory

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JEDEC Unveils GDDR7: A Breakthrough in Graphics Memory

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has officially introduced the JESD239 Graphics Double Data Rate (GDDR7) SGRAM. This groundbreaking memory standard, which the documents is available for download from the JEDEC website, promises to significantly enhance memory performance in graphics, gaming, and AI applications.

GDDR7 offers double the bandwidth compared to GDDR6, reaching speeds of up to 192 GB/s per device. It utilizes the Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) interface for high-frequency operations, improving signal to noise ratio (SNR) and energy efficiency. With features like core independent LFSR training patterns and support for higher densities, GDDR7 addresses the escalating demand for memory bandwidth in various sectors.

Industry leaders have expressed enthusiasm for GDDR7's potential. AMD's Joe Macri, Micron's Frank Ross, NVIDIA's Kaustubh Sanghani, and Samsung's YongCheol Bae have all commended the standard for its advancements in performance and reliability.

As GDDR7 emerges onto the scene, it heralds a new era of memory technology, offering unparalleled capabilities to meet the evolving needs of graphics-intensive applications.


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