Is a New Far Cry Game on the Horizon? Ubisoft's Hiring Spree Suggests So

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Is a New Far Cry Game on the Horizon? Ubisoft's Hiring Spree Suggests So

Ubisoft, one of the largest video game publishers, is currently staffing up for its next entry in the popular Far Cry franchise according to recent job listings.

At the time of writing, the company's careers website lists 10 open positions labeled "Far Cry Project" across its studios in Canada. The roles span various disciplines such as art, animation, programming, game design, and production.

Credits: Ubisoft

Specific roles being hired for include Art Team Lead, Technical Animation Director, Animation Technical Director, Associate Animation Technical Director, Team Lead Animator for gameplay, Programming Team Lead, Team Lead Game Design, Level Designer, Associate Producer, and Technical Artist for characters.

The locations for these roles are split between Ubisoft's studios in Sherbrooke, Montreal, and Toronto. Several of the positions are listed as "hybrid" roles, allowing for a mix of in-office and remote work.

No other details about the unannounced Far Cry game are provided in the job descriptions. Information like the setting, storyline, characters, and other specifics are not mentioned.

The last mainline Far Cry release was 2021's Far Cry 6, which was set in a fictional Caribbean island nation. Prior to that, the series has taken players to varied locales such as Montana, the Himalayas, Africa, and more in its exploration of open-world first-person shooters.

Credits: Ubisoft

With active hiring underway, Ubisoft appears to be in the early-to-mid production stages for the next Far Cry installment. Fan speculation will likely run rampant until official details are announced by the publisher.

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