HELLDIVERS™ 2 Receives "Slightly Bigger" Update

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HELLDIVERS™ 2 Receives "Slightly Bigger" Update

In a sweeping update to the popular intergalactic liberation effort, Helldivers 2 has undergone a slightly significant overhaul with the release of Patch 01.000.200.

Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, this patch aims to refine the gameplay experience, introduce new challenges, and rebalance various aspects of the Helldivers experience. According to the official release notes, players can expect the following major changes:

Environmental Threats Intensify
The war-torn planets of the Helldivers universe have become even more treacherous with the introduction of blizzards and sandstorms as new planetary hazards. Commanders will need to adapt their strategies to overcome these formidable environmental obstacles.

Level Cap Raised to New Heights
In a move to facilitate further character progression, the level cap has been increased from 50 to an impressive 150, allowing veteran Helldivers to continue their journey towards mastery.

Mission Objectives Retooled
Two key missions have undergone significant rebalancing. The "Retrieve Essential Personnel" operation now positions enemy spawns farther from the objective, while higher difficulties require fewer civilian rescues. Additionally, the "Destroy Command Bunkers" mission boasts more objective locations and can now appear in operations from difficulty level 5 onwards.

Weapon Arsenal Tweaked
The update brings a slew of adjustments to the Helldivers' arsenal, impacting weapons like the Arc Thrower, Guard Dog, Anti-Materiel Rifle, Breaker Incendiary, Liberator Penetrator, Dominator, Diligence Counter Sniper, Slugger, and Heavy Machine Gun. Players can expect changes to damage output, stagger, armor penetration, and ammo restoration capabilities.

Operation Modifiers Recalibrated
Negative effects imposed by operation modifiers that increase stratagem cooldowns or call-in times have been halved, providing Helldivers with more tactical flexibility.

Enemy Forces Rebalanced
The relentless adversaries faced by Helldivers have also been fine-tuned. Chargers, Bile Spewers, Nursing Spewers, Bile Titans, and Shriekers have seen adjustments to their damage output, stun resistance, and bug breach creation abilities, presenting new challenges for seasoned commanders.

Armor Upgrades Fortify Defense
In a bid to enhance survivability, heavy and medium armor now offer improved damage protection. Helldivers donning heavy armor will take approximately 10% less damage, while those in medium armor will experience a 5% reduction in incoming harm.

Bug Fixes and Quality-of-Life Improvements
Numerous bug fixes and stability enhancements have been implemented, addressing issues with save settings, enemy targeting, Exosuit behavior, collision detection, and tutorial level accessibility, among others.

While the developers have acknowledged several known issues, including crashes related to snowballs and grenade throws, friend invite and cross-play problems, weapon stat display inaccuracies, and certain player customization resets, they remain committed to providing a polished experience for the Helldivers community.

With the 01.000.200 update, Arrowhead Game Studios aims to elevate the Helldivers 2 experience, presenting new challenges and fine-tuning the intricate balance of this intergalactic war effort. Commanders, it's time to dive back into the fray and bring liberty to the oppressed worlds of the galaxy.


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