Discover the MSI Claw A1M at PC Express Today

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Discover the MSI Claw A1M at PC Express Today

Introducing the MSI Claw A1M, the latest sensation in handheld gaming devices now available at PC Express! This revolutionary gadget is not just another gaming accessory; it's a whole new world of immersive gaming experiences right at your fingertips.

Credits: MSI

First up, let's talk comfort. The Claw A1M isn't just ergonomically designed; it's scientifically tailored for maximum comfort and precision. With its intuitive grip and perfectly balanced weight, it feels like an extension of your hand, ensuring hours of fatigue-free gaming sessions.


But it's not just about comfort; it's also about power. Equipped with Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and Intel® XeSS technology, the Claw A1M delivers lightning-fast processing speeds and smooth gameplay, even on demanding AAA titles. Say goodbye to lag and hello to uninterrupted gaming bliss!

icon intel intel ULTRA 7 processors (Series1)


And let's not forget about style. With RGB lighting adorning the analog sticks and buttons, the Claw A1M isn't just a gaming device; it's a fashion statement. Customize it to your heart's content and watch as it dazzles with every move you make.

Credits: MSI

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the Claw A1M is its battery life. Boasting a 53Whr battery capacity, it outlasts the competition by 50%, ensuring you can game for longer without worrying about running out of juice.


And with Thunderbolt™ 4 connectivity, swift transfers are a breeze, allowing you to expand your gaming library with ease. Plus, with the exclusive App Player, you'll have access to the widest range of games, from Windows titles to Android mobile games.

MSI Thunderbolt 4
Credits: MSI

But don't just take our word for it; experience the MSI Claw A1M for yourself and take your gaming to the next level. Visit PC Express today and get ready to game like never before!


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