CD PROJEKT Group Outlines Bold Vision for Witcher and Cyberpunk Franchises

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CD PROJEKT Group Outlines Bold Vision for Witcher and Cyberpunk Franchises

In its annual earnings call, CD PROJEKT Group unveiled an ambitious roadmap for its critically acclaimed Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises, promising an expanding universe and a lineup of hotly anticipated titles.


The Witcher Saga Continues


Leading the charge is Project Polaris, set to kick off a new trilogy that will build upon the rich lore established in previous Witcher games. According to joint CEO Michał Nowakowski, Polaris represents the company's most advanced project, with plans to commence full production in the second half of 2024.

Fans can also look forward to Project Sirius, an intriguing collaboration between CD PROJEKT and The Molasses Flood studio in Boston. Having recently defined a fresh framework, Sirius is currently in its early pre-production phase.

Perhaps most tantalizing for longtime fans is Project Canis Majoris, an ambitious ground-up remake of the original Witcher game powered by Unreal Engine 5. Helmed by Fool's Theory studio under CD PROJEKT's watchful eye, Canis Majoris is presently in the conceptual stages.


Cyberpunk's Neon-Lit Future


Not to be outdone, the Cyberpunk universe is set for a major expansion with Project Orion, the official codename for the highly anticipated sequel to the blockbuster Cyberpunk 2077. A dedicated hub in Boston, staffed by veterans of the original game, is spearheading Orion's conceptual development.

Simultaneously, CD PROJEKT is making steady progress on Hadar, an enigmatic third intellectual property that finds a small team meticulously crafting the game's core pillars in the conceptual phase.


Financial Powerhouse

The announcements come on the heels of a remarkably successful 2023 for the Polish games giant. Buoyed by the rapturous reception of the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion, which surpassed a staggering 5 million sales, the company's consolidated revenue soared to 1.23 billion PLN - a 30% spike compared to 2022's already impressive figures.

Profits, too, saw a substantial 39% year-over-year uptick, with CD PROJEKT raking in a net income of 481 million PLN. The company capped off the year with a formidable 1.3 billion PLN in cash reserves, further solidifying its financial clout.

In a show of appreciation for its supporters, CD PROJEKT has proposed a 100 million PLN dividend payout to shareholders.


A Bright Future

Despite the company's phenomenal achievements thus far, the management remains steadfastly confident that the best is yet to come. With iconic franchises like The Witcher and Cyberpunk acting as perpetual revenue generators, supplemented by intriguing new IPs, CD PROJEKT appears poised to cement its status as a gaming titan for years to come.

As the development of this formidable slate of titles ramps up, gamers around the world eagerly await the next chapters in CD PROJEKT's boldly ambitious vision.


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