3 New Budget-Friendly Gaming PC Cases from Antec Set to Hit PC Express Stores Soon

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3 New Budget-Friendly Gaming PC Cases from Antec Set to Hit PC Express Stores Soon

Antec, the renowned Taiwanese brand celebrated for its computer cases and power supplies, has recently unveiled three budget-friendly gaming PC cases. Soon to grace the shelves of PC Express, these cases boast exceptional cooling capabilities, stylish designs, and generous interiors for top-tier components. Catering to both gamers and PC enthusiasts, Antec's latest offerings promise high performance without draining your wallet.


C8 Black - Constellation Series Full-View PC Case

The C8 Black from Antec's Constellation Series boasts a full-view design with seamless edges on the front and side panels. Utilizing a unique 45° beveling technique, this case offers an uninterrupted panoramic view, perfect for showcasing high-end PC components and dazzling lighting effects. Equipped with dual-chamber airflow design and support for up to 10 fans simultaneously, the C8 Black ensures efficient cooling for your GPU and CPU. Its cavernous space also supports thick 360mm radiators, ideal for extreme liquid cooling setups.

C8 BLACK. Credit: Antec



NX416L & NX416L White - Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Cases

Antec's NX416L and NX416L White mid-tower ATX gaming cases feature a unique design with powerful heat dissipation capabilities. The mesh front panel, along with pre-installed ARGB fans, ensures maximum airflow and cooling performance. These cases come with swing-opening tempered glass side panels for easy access to interior components and convenient installation and cleaning. With support for up to 11 120mm fans simultaneously, as well as compatibility with various radiator sizes, the NX416L series offers unlimited performance for gaming enthusiasts.

NX416L. Credit: Antec



CX200M RGB Elite & CX200M RGB Elite White - Mid-Tower Gaming Cases

Featuring a panoramic 270° view design, the CX200M RGB Elite and CX200M RGB Elite White are ideal enclosures for M-ATX setups. These cases offer a full-view experience with seamless left and front panels made of non-drilled steel-tempered glass. Equipped with pre-installed fixed-mode RGB fans and a tool-free access design, the CX200M series ensures hassle-free assembly and maintenance. With powerful cooling compatibility and ample space for cable management, these cases provide an exceptional gaming experience without breaking the bank.

CX200M RGB Elite
CX200M RGB Elite. Credit: Antec


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