Starfield Update Patch Released in Beta

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Starfield Update Patch Released in Beta

January 18, 2024 - Bethesda Game Studios has just unveiled the latest update for Starfield, version, now available for beta testing on Steam. This update boasts an extensive list of over a hundred fixes and improvements aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience for players exploring the vast universe of Starfield.

The development team at Bethesda has been diligently working on this update, focusing on addressing quality-of-life issues and quest fixes reported by the community. The patch notes, released on the Bethesda Game Studios website, detail the various improvements and adjustments made to the game.



Patch Notes Highlights

Among the highlighted fixes are improvements to animations, ensuring that the player character's eyes now blink properly in third-person view. Additionally, Bethesda has tackled issues with invisible creatures on certain planets, as well as problems with crew members' and companions' positioning after fast traveling to the ship.

On the graphics front, the update brings a host of enhancements, including improved widescreen support, better sun disk geometry for stars, and more realistic shadows on planet rings from the planet's surface. Players can also expect improved reflections on water, enhanced character skin and eye details, and reduced artifacts during cutscene transitions.

Numerous quest-related issues have been addressed, ensuring that players can progress smoothly through the game's storyline. Quests such as "Absolute Power," "Derelict Ship," and "Legacy’s End" have received specific fixes, resolving issues ranging from missing slates to characters' guns becoming invisible.


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The update also focuses on ships and ship customization, rectifying problems like asteroids persistently following ships in space and ship hatches being marked as inaccessible after swapping to a new home ship. Combat-related difficulties in both space and on the ground have been balanced, providing a more consistent experience for players.


Continued Player Feedback Encouragement

Bethesda encourages players to continue providing feedback and reporting any issues they encounter, assuring the community that they will maintain a steady stream of updates approximately every six weeks.

As players dive into the beta version of Starfield Update, Bethesda remains grateful for the ongoing support and feedback from the community. With promises of regular updates, the studio aims to create a seamless and enjoyable journey for all spacefaring adventurers in the Starfield universe.

Full update notes:


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