Unobstructed Brilliance: The MSI MAG PANO M100R PZ's 270-Degree Panoramic View

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Unobstructed Brilliance: The MSI MAG PANO M100R PZ's 270-Degree Panoramic View

Looking to unleash the full potential of your ARGB PC build? Look no further than the MSI MAG PANO M100R PZ series. With its sleek design and innovative features, this gaming case is the ultimate solution for showcasing your hardware in style.

Fancy Appearance: Illuminate Your Setup with ARGB Magic

With controllable ARGB lighting, the MAG PANO M100R PZ lets you build and display the coolest PC on the block. Its 270-degree tempered glass provides a panoramic view of your components, ensuring an unobstructed showcase of ARGB brilliance. Drawing inspiration from the iconic MAG logo, the chassis design embodies the unique characteristics of the MAG series, setting your setup apart from the rest.


Hardware Compatibility: Fit Your Components with Ease

No need to fret about hardware compatibility – the MAG PANO M100R PZ offers extensive support for installing your components. With Micro-ATX Back-connect motherboards, installation becomes a breeze, simplifying both the setup process and cable management.

Back-connect compatible


Storage Support


Absolute Simplicity: Easy Installation and Management

Installing your hardware has never been easier, thanks to the integrated control board. Manage lighting effects and fan speeds intuitively, ensuring your setup looks and performs exactly as you envision. Plus, with 33mm of cable routing space and pre-installed Velcro strips, cable management becomes a walk in the park. And let's not forget the removable dust filters, keeping your system clean and dust-free with minimal effort.


Better Together: Seamless Integration with MSI Motherboards

Synergize your MAG PANO M100R PZ with a compatible MSI motherboard for seamless integration. Bridge with a USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type-C port for lightning-fast data transmission, ensuring your setup stays ahead of the curve.



The New Turning Point: Unleash Your Creativity

Available in Black, the MAG PANO M100R PZ is more than just a gaming case – it's a canvas for your creativity. With support for up to a 360mm AIO liquid cooler, 270-degree panoramic tempered glass, and up to 10 x 120mm system fans, the possibilities are endless. Plus, with built-in 1-to-4 ARGB-PWM fans and control board, you'll enjoy striking lighting and vivid effects that elevate your setup to new heights.

The MSI MAG PANO M100R PZ is more than just a gaming case – it's a statement piece. With its sleek design, innovative features, and seamless integration with MSI motherboards, it's the perfect choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts alike. So why wait? Transform your setup today with the MAG PANO M100R PZ and unleash the power of ARGB like never before.

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