Go Anywhere with ASUS RT-AX57 Go: Tri-Mode Wi-Fi 6 & Robust Security

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Go Anywhere with ASUS RT-AX57 Go: Tri-Mode Wi-Fi 6 & Robust Security

The ASUS RT-AX57 Go is a powerful yet compact Wi-Fi 6 travel router that provides ultra-fast and secure connectivity anywhere. Its versatile tri-mode design allows seamless internet access whether on the go, at work, or at home.

RT-AX57 Go is wall-mounted on a clean wall behind a cabinet.

For mobile use, the 4G/5G mobile tethering mode lets you establish a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot simply by connecting the router's USB port to your smartphone's hotspot - no complex setup required. When available, the Public Wi-Fi (WISP) mode enables creating a private, encrypted hotspot from public Wi-Fi networks to browse safely. At home or in a hotel, the traditional router mode ensures stable wired and wireless internet.

A young woman is working on her laptop in a café, with the RT-AX57 Go router, a mobile phone, and some business files on the table.

Powered by the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology with 160MHz channel support, the RT-AX57 Go achieves blistering speeds up to 3,000Mbps on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Its advanced MU-MIMO and OFDMA capabilities efficiently manage up to 70 concurrent device connections.

Despite its compact size, the router packs robust security with the commercial-grade AiProtection Classic security suite by TrendMicro. It automatically protects all connected devices from the latest internet threats without any subscriptions. One-tap scanning checks for vulnerabilities, while customizable Safe Browsing filters block malicious, ad, and explicit content. DNS over TLS encrypts DNS queries for enhanced privacy.

The RT-AX57 Go excels with comprehensive VPN support covering all major protocols like WireGuard, OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec. Instant Guard enables one-click secure VPN access when using public hotspots. The router is compatible with over 30 popular VPN service providers like Surfshark.

Setting up and managing the router is hassle-free via the intuitive ASUS Router mobile app or web interface. Creating a separate guest network with a captive portal for businesses is effortless. As an AiMesh router, it can form a flexible whole-home mesh system.

Other noteworthy features include advanced parental controls, QoS bandwidth management, and smart home integration with Google Assistant voice commands.

With its powerful hardware, tri-mode flexibility, and robust security/privacy features, the ASUS RT-AX57 Go is an ideal travel companion for secure, high-speed Wi-Fi wherever you go.


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