Efficiency Redefined: The MSI PRO H610M-E DDR4 Micro-ATX Motherboard

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Efficiency Redefined: The MSI PRO H610M-E DDR4 Micro-ATX Motherboard

In the bustling computing arena, where every move counts and efficiency reigns supreme, MSI steps onto the stage with its latest marvel: the MSI PRO H610M-E DDR4 Micro-ATX Motherboard. Designed to elevate your computing experience to unprecedented heights, this motherboard is a mere hardware piece and a gateway to a world of seamless productivity and unparalleled performance.

Efficiency Redefined
MSI understands the pulse of the modern workforce, where time is of the essence and productivity is paramount. With the PRO series, efficiency takes center stage, providing a stable and high-quality assembly that promises optimized workflows and longevity. Say goodbye to troubleshooting woes and hello to smoother operations!


Unleash the Power
At the heart of this powerhouse lies the Lightning Gen4 Solution, boasting up to 64GB/s bandwidth for lightning-fast PCI-E data transfer. Coupled with Core Boost technology, which delivers undistorted current to the CPU with pin-point precision, this motherboard supports more cores and ensures better performance, making multitasking a breeze.


Immersive Audio Experience
Reward your ears with nothing but the best. With Audio Boost technology, immerse yourself in studio-grade sound quality, elevating your audio experience to new heights of immersion and clarity. Say goodbye to crackling noises and hello to crystal-clear audio bliss.


User-Friendly Design
MSI knows that convenience is key. That's why the PRO series motherboards come equipped with tons of user-friendly features, making DIY installations a walk in the park. From troubleshooting tools to intuitive design elements, every aspect is crafted with the end user in mind.


Total Control at Your Fingertips
Take command of your system like never before with fully controllable settings in both BIOS and software. Manage fan speeds and temperatures effortlessly, ensuring optimal performance without breaking a sweat. With EZ Debug LED guiding the way, troubleshooting becomes a breeze, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters.


Fortify Your System
The MSI PCI Express Steel Armor slots are firmly anchored to the motherboard with additional solder points, providing robust support for hefty graphics cards. In the heat of intense gaming battles, Steel Armor acts as a formidable shield, safeguarding the connection point from any disruptive electromagnetic interference.


Connectivity Without Limits
Expandability is the name of the game, and the MSI PRO series motherboard delivers in spades. With stable LAN, faster storage, and USB transfer speeds, the possibilities are endless. Say hello to a world of flexibility and convenience, where every connection is a gateway to endless possibilities.


Experience More, Achieve More
With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, MSI PRO series motherboards are engineered to satisfy even the most demanding workflows. Elevate your performance, fine-tune your system, and unlock the true potential of your computing experience.


The MSI PRO H610M-E DDR4 Micro-ATX Motherboard is not just a piece of hardware; it's a game-changer. With its cutting-edge features, user-friendly design, and unwavering commitment to performance, it's time to elevate your computing experience to new heights.



  • Support Intel® Core™ 14th/ 13th/ 12th Gen Processors, Intel® Pentium® Gold and Celeron® Processors 1
  • Processor socket LGA1700
  1. Please go to www.msi.com to get the newest support status as new processors are released.

See supported processors

CHIPSET Intel® H610 Chipset
  • 2x DDR4 memory slots, support up to 64GB 1
  • Supports 1R 2133/ 2666/ 3200 MHz (by JEDEC & POR)
  • Supports Dual-Channel mode
  • Supports non-ECC, un-buffered memory
  1. Please refer to www.msi.com for more information on compatible memory.
  • 1x PCIe x16 slot (From CPU)
    • Supports up to PCIe 4.0 x16
  • 1x PCIe x1 slot (From H610 chipset)
    • Supports PCIe 3.0 x1
  • 1x HDMI™ 1.4 with HDR port, supporting a maximum resolution of 4K 30Hz 1 / 2
  • 1x VGA port, supporting a maximum resolution of 2048x1536 50Hz, 2048x1280 60Hz, 1920x1200 60Hz 1 / 2
    1. Available only on processors featuring integrated graphics.
    2. Graphics specifications may vary depending on the CPU installed.
SATA PORTS 4x SATA 6Gb/s ports (From H610 chipset)
  • 1x M.2 slot (Key M) (from CPU)
    • Supports up to PCIe 3.0 x4
    • Supports 2242/ 2260/ 2280 storage devices
AUDIO Realtek® ALC897 Codec
7.1-Channel High Definition Audio
LAN 1x Realtek® RTL8111H 1Gbps LAN controller
POWER CONNECTORS 1x 24-pin ATX main power connector
1x 8-pin +12V power connector
  • 1x USB 3.2 Gen 1 5Gbps connector (From H610 chipset)
    • Supports additional 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 5Gbps ports
  • 2x USB 2.0 Type-A connectors (From Hub-GL850G)
    • Supports additional 4 USB 2.0 ports
FAN CONNECTORS 1x 4-pin CPU fan connector
2x 4-pin system fan connectors
1x Front panel audio connector
2x System panel connectors
1x Chassis Intrusion connector
1x TPM module connector
1x Serial port connector
JUMPERS 1x Clear CMOS jumper
LED FEATURES 1x 4-pin RGB LED connector
4x EZ Debug LED
  1. HDMI™
  2. VGA
  3. Keyboard / Mouse
  4. USB 3.2 Gen 1 5Gbps Type-A
  5. LAN port
  6. Audio connector
  7. USB 2.0

MSI PRO H610M-B DDR4 back panel ports

9.3 in. x 7.9 in. (23.6 cm x 20 cm)

MSI PRO PRO-H610M-E-DDR4 DDR4 box content

  1.  MSI® does not guarantee the risks or damages caused by changing the cover.
  2.  These pictures are for reference only and may vary without notice.



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