Powered by ASUS Express Motherboard Warranty

Terms and Conditions

  1. Program only applies to October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024 end-user transactions with valid sales invoice for ASUS motherboard products.
  2. End-users who bought PCX Desktop Set and Complete PC Build from PC Express stores during the program duration are eligible for this program. However, single motherboard end-user transactions are still eligible provided that only the motherboard will be processed and not the other parts.

  3. End-users are eligible for a one (1) year motherboard replacement for this program from date of purchase.

  4. This program does not cover all physical damage, scratch, bend pins, cpu socket discoloration, and other customer induced damages on the product. In addition, this also does not include wear and tear, mishandling, and missing or altered product serial number.

  5. PC Express will replace end-user’s ASUS motherboard unit to other brand-new store stock of ASUS motherboard on the same day of the application date in the store if the motherboard is proven defective upon testing and troubleshooting.

  6. In case of ASUS motherboard replacement unavailability, turnaround time is seven (7) working days.

  7. For end-user purchases after 1 year but within 3-year ASUS warranty period, ASUS Standard Warranty Repair Policy will be followed.

  8. PC Express and ASUS reserve the right to reject end-user claims if terms and conditions above are not met.


General FAQs

  1. Are software problems covered in the Powered By ASUS Express Motherboard Warranty Program?
    • Only hardware defects are covered by the program.
  1. I bought my ASUS motherboard last September 30, 2023, and found a defect after one (1) month, can I apply for Powered By ASUS Express Motherboard Warranty Program?
    • Only sales invoice dated October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024 can be applied in the program. However, standard 3-year ASUS motherboard repair warranty can be applied.
  1. Can I apply for Powered By ASUS Express Motherboard Warranty Program if my unit is beyond one (1) year from purchase date?
    • Only one (1) year from the purchase date dated within October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024 are included in the program. However, standard 3-year ASUS motherboard repair warranty can be applied.
  1. Are online transactions included in the program?
    • Yes, but it should be filed personally to nearest PC Express branch for actual troubleshooting.
  1. I purchased the motherboard only in PC Express, and other parts from other stores, can I apply the Powered By ASUS Express Motherboard Warranty?
    • Yes, but end-user will only bring the motherboard unit, and PC Express store will test and troubleshoot the unit before applying the program. PC Express stores are not responsible for the disassembly of the PC unit or any other parts that are not bought in PC Express.
  1. My SSD is not detected in my recently purchased ASUS Motherboard, but detected in other motherboard models, is it covered by the program?
    • If other SSD model works on the ASUS motherboard in the troubleshooting, it is not covered by the program because the unit is in good condition. Same goes for other computer parts. If the purchased ASUS motherboard model works with the other model of the same category, no express warranty will be issued because the motherboard is in good condition.
  1. Can I request for other brand as a replacement of my ASUS Motherboard for this program?
    • Replacement unit is restricted to ASUS brand only.
  1. I bought an ASUS B450 motherboard model, but store mentioned that it is already EOL, what will be the replacement?
    • Replacement unit will be an alternative ASUS motherboard model with the same CPU socket.
  1. Are replacement units brand new?
    • All replacement units are brand new from ASUS Authorized Distributors.
  1. Can I file for the program under accidental / physical damage?
    • All accidental, bend pins, scratches, and other physical damages void the warranty of the motherboard.
  1. How many days is the lead time if the store does not have stocks of my replacement unit?
    • Target lead time is within seven (7) working days.