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  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i7
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX960
  • Storage: 2TB SATA
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Product Description

Acer Predator AG3-710-UR53 Gaming Desktop (Windows 10)

Unstoppable War Machine

The Predator G3-710 is designed for universal gamers. The new armor-covered design, the IceTunnel cooling system and the cutting-edge processor and graphics make Predator G3 an unbreakable fortress that covers you in every battlefield. Enjoy the outstanding gaming experience to vision and hearing and get the victory at the same time!

Intimidating Design

Power packed, the Predator G3 desktop is an unstoppable war machine. Its striking exterior features an intimidating armor-covered design on the chassis, while 6th generation Intel Core processors, up to 64GB DDR4 system memory, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics provide a no-compromise experience for serious gamers that demand the best gear. When you’re not commanding your team or intimidating enemies, hang your headset on this convenient pop-out cradle.

The Easy-swap expansion bay lets users move or switch their data quickly and easily and also provides expandability of up to two drives room for your entire game collection. A hard disk lock allows you to lock your important data for security.

This PC screams usability with plenty of ports making this a real gaming machine. Frequently used I/O ports like the USB 3.0 and SD card slot are right in front so you can transfer data, videos and photos from your digital devices fast.

Astonishing Power

Immerse yourself in the world of killer gaming and dominate your opponents with skill, speed and unprecedented performance. Take victory easily with the unrivaled gaming performance on your Predator desktop with the devastatingly powerful 6th gen Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 10. Intel Inside. Total domination outside.

Leap into Full HD action with the GeForce GTX 950 – a true gaming GPU designed for every PC gamer. Transform your PC into a gaming rig to enjoy fast and responsive MOBA gaming and the latest games in1080p. It’s powered by NVIDIA Maxwell architecture and delivers 3x the performance of previous-generation cards.

The Predator G3 lets you crush your enemies with the latest 802.11ac wireless technology which strengthens your wireless connection making it up to six times faster than its predecessor.

The Predator machine boasts the latest specs and the case of the Predator G3 is easy to open up, allowing you to do any modification you want. Replace the components and evolve your Predator for more adventures!

Amazing Audio-Visual

UHD (4K2K) resolution presents more stunning, high quality images ever. While in a battle, any lack of concentration will lead to failure. It’s highly important to have a total view on the battlefield.

The clang of swords and the roar of explosions become even more authentic with the Predator G3’s Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 with EAX 5.0. Realistic surround sound, the ability to clearly hear specific sounds in a gaming environment are just a few elements of SoundBlaster that enhance the overall experience, be movies, games or music. A cool audio control interface lets you customize the audio settings to your liking.

After the fight, relax and pop your favorite movie into the DVD drive. The HDMI port lets you enjoy a home theater experience on your giant big screen with superior audio and visuals for yet more avenues to exciting high-definition entertainment with a single cable connection.

Gaming just got even better with Windows 10. Not only do your existing games work great, but now you can play and connect with gamers across your Predator Desktop and Xbox One. From the best casual games to a new generation of PC gaming, Windows 10 is built for the games you love.


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