ThiEYE is specialized in an integrated outdoor camera scheme, focusing on action cameras development, design, production and sales. Technology- and market demand oriented, ThiEYE is also committed to providing customers with fashionable, portable, easy-to-use, high rate high quality outdoor cameras with best user experience by adhering to the marketing principle of independent innovation, both soft and hardware developing, global running combined by its competent technical support team.

ThiEYE, a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development of outdoor cameras, is dedicated to offering unprecedented user experience globally. And after many years of self-independent development and timeless efforts, ThiEYE becomes leading in image fusion, image processing, ergonomic, craftsmanship and many other excellent technologies in this industry, thus expanding further possibility of images, meeting diverse demands worldwide with a wide range of good products, tech and service. Now ThiEYE has a complete production line including Action Cameras, 360° VR Cameras, Professional Cameras in some professional fields and other appropriate accessories.

ThiEYE, The EYE is to different perspectives what The I is to first-person perspective,namely Users' Perspective. ThiEYE never stops innovating or bringing its loyal customers unique perspective experience in the outdoor camera industry from their point of views.

ThiEYE’s brand concept is: Another View, New Style!

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