Philips Electronics and Lighting, Inc. (PELI), the national organization of Philips in the Philippines began its operations in 1918 and has gone a long way from just focusing on lighting products and short-wave radios. Armed with the determination to move forward, and the passion to revolutionize the industry, PELI was able to transform itself to become a respected leader in innovative lighting solutions, providing a diverse range of lamps and luminaires that suit a wide variety of necessities.

Over the years, PELI was also able to diversify its business, and successfully foray into the provision of consumer lifestyle and healthcare solutions, espousing the global objective to becoming the leading company in health and well-being.

PELI’s ultimate goal is to become and remain a highly-respected world-class lighting, health, and well-being company that is committed to deliver excellent value to its employees, its clients, its stakeholders, as well as the society. As such, the company actively strives to consistently implement sustainable health and livelihood programs that can uplift the lives of Filipinos.

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