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Acer Back to School Promotion

Get a free Samsonite Luggage or Travel Basic Luggage for every single purchase of any qualified ACER  product.

Qualified Acer Products for Samsonite Luggage



 i7 8th Gen  New Swift 5  Swift 7 and Spin 7  New Predator Helios
E5-576G-82RZ  SF514-52T-50QR  SF713-51-M7ER  PH315-51-59E7
 E5-576G-83CU  SF514-52T-58PS  SP714-51-M4E5  PH315-51-77N0
 E5-576G-84AG  SF514-52T-8427  PH315-51-57KR
 E5 -576G-86HJ  SF514-52T-859U  PH315-51-766P
 E5 -576G-8769  SF514-52T-82T0
 SF315-51G-82TX  SF514-52T-86HK
 Predator 17 and 17x  Ryzen 7  DESKTOPS  PROJECTORS
 G9-793-71N2  A315-41G-R6CS  TC -780 Core i7  S1383WHNE
 GX-792-74BW  AN515-42-R9G7  GX -785 Core i5  U5313W
 PT715-51-762Q Triton  GX -781 Core i5  U5320W
 GX -281 Ryzen 5  P6500
 GX -281 Ryzen 7   H7550ST

Samsonite Luggage

Qualified Acer Products for Acer x Travel Basic



 A315 -41G-R4BW  E5-473-387A  E5-476-38QZ  F5-573G-52XT
 A315-41G-R5U3  E5-473-39J1  E5-476G-32HR  F5-573G-5467
 A315-41-R287  E5-473-51W6  E5-476G-32PK  F5-573G-55G2
 A315-51-31YY  E5-473-57RJ  E5-476G-32RK  F5-573G-57CZ
 A315-51-39XM  E5-473-57SR  E5-476G-38MH  F5-573G-58DM
 A315-51-51B0  E5-473-596B  E5-476G-38QZ  F5-573G-58Q3
 A515-41G-F0D9  E5-473-59ZA  E5-476G-38QZ  F5-573G-780B
 A515-51G-3638  E5-473G-304W  E5-476G-38TB  F5-573G-787N
 A515-51G-38GH  E5-473G-31DV  E5-476G-53DG  R3-471T-35G3
 A615-51G-59EA  E5-473G-31M4  E5-476G-54R2  R7-371T-51SA
A715-71G-57AH  E5-473G-33RT  E5-523G-912C  S3-391-32364G52a
A715-71G-57AY  E5-473G-34F0  E5-571G-759V  S5-371-53F4
A715-71G-705S  E5-473G-34XQ  E5-571G-77P0  S5-371-55AN
AN515-41-F722  E5-473G-3532  E5-571G-78GQ  S5-371-74H1
AN515-42-R8HN  E5-473G-51D6  E5-575G-32BH  S5-371-74H1
AN515-51-50SA  E5-473G-51GX  E5-575G-33QB  S5-371-767Q
AN515-51-53TC  E5-473G-51GY  E5-575G-33YP  S5-371-767Q
AN515-51-57RG  E5-473G-51SV  E5-575G-34Z8  S7-393-75508G25EWS
AN515-51-79N0  E5-473G-539H  E5-575G-35EZ  V3-371-56CB
AN515-52-56CQ  E5-473G-53RD  E5-575G-35SM  V3-371-56CB
E5-471-30QZ  E5-473G-54L9  E5-575G-37D2  V3-371-56LD
E5-471-32HE  E5-473G-55L5  E5-575G-37E9  V3-372-537L
E5-471-32NW  E5-473G-57QQ  E5-575G-52DA  V3-471G-53214G75MA
E5-471-35DV  E5-473G-5908  E5-575G-54YE  V3-471G-53214G75MADD
E5-471-564B  E5-473G-598N  E5-575G-55GU  V3-471G-53214G75MAkk
E5-471G-546W  E5-475-30ZC  E5-575G-581Y  V3-574G-74BC
E5-471G-54RZ  E5-475-34R6  E5-575G-7211  V3-574G-77P6
E5-471G-5558  E5-475-35CL  E5-575G-728J  V3-575G-52GY
E5-471G-5763  E5-475-36M6  E5-576G-50EN  V3-575G-74ZZ
E5-471G-57N5  E5-475-37MN  E5-576G-5815  V3-575G-79XK
E5-471P-35KC  E5-475G-30KY  E5-576G-59AB  V5-132P-3322Y4G50NBB
E5-471P-36E6  E5-475G-31B2  ES1-572-32XW  V5-132P-3322Y4G50NSS
E5-473-30N5  E5-475G-380U  ES1-572-34WS  V5-471P-33224G50MASS
E5-473-32GU  E5-475G-39SA  ES1-572-39D0  VN7-791G-76ZV
E5-473-35EQ  E5-475G-500E  ES1-572-5784  VX5-519G-70ME
E5-473-35TX  E5-475G-50ST  ES1-572-58TD  VX5-591G-51DL
E5-473-37XV  E5-475G-51SV  F5-573G-35YP  VX5-591G-532R
Predator Notebook Swift Notebook Spin notebook
G3 -571-51NK SF314-51-54JM SP315-51GN-5267
G3 -571-76HW SF314-53G-550F SP513-52N-53G1
G9 -591-72SC SF315-51G-347Z SP515-51GN-5267
G9 -592-77SK SF315-51G-35LW
G9 -593-71GL SF315-51G-36XZ
G9 -593-73J2 SF315-51G-52V3
G9 -593-74EL SF315-51G-53E2
G9 -593-74UM SF514-51-50SQ



AC24 -760 i3 TC 710 i5 XC-605 i3 U5-710 Core i5
AC24-760 i5 TC 710 i7 XC-705 i3 U5-710 Core i7
AC24-860 i3 TC-705 XC-710 i3
AC24 -860 i5 TC-780 i3 XC-730 i3
AZ22 -780 Core i5 TC-780 i5 XC-780 i3
RN66 Core i3 XC-780 i5



C205 H6510BD K138ST P5327W
X1126H H7850 K138STi P5515
X1226H P5530



Pred ator XB241H Predator X34 and X34P
Predator XB252Q T232HL
Predator XB27

Trave Basic Luggage

Promo Mechanics

  1. Every purchase of qualifying Acer or Predator laptops, desktops or monitors, select AIO and Projectors come with a free Samsonite Luggage or a Travel Basic Luggage.
  2. Customers must register their laptops, projectors, and desktops for warranty at warranty.acer.com.ph within two weeks of purchase. (Laptops and projectors: Two-year warranty; Aspire desktops: One-year warranty)
  3. Upon successful registration, an email will be sent out to confirm your warranty status. To claim your free Samsonite Luggage or Travel Basic Luggage, present a print-out of the warranty registration confirmation with valid warranty code (the second email you will receive from Acer) and two (2) valid IDs.
  4. For customers outside Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, you may email your registration confirmation and scanned to [email protected].
  5. For claims via email, you may follow up at Telephone Nos. (02) 720-00-90 local 1100. Acer Philippines will shoulder freight cost of sending the free item directly to the registered address.
  6. Promo is valid from May 15 to June 30, 2018. Redemption of free item is until 60 days from end of promo period.
  7. Colors may vary depending on availability.
  8. IMPORTANT NOTE: Promo is for end-users only. Only purchases from authorized resellers qualify for the promo. Maximum of 5 claims per customer or per company for the whole promo period.

Promo Period is from May 15 to June 30, 2018  only.

Authorized Redemption Areas:

Acer Service Centre – Manila
  • 1172 – 1180 President Quirino Avenue Extension, Paco, Manila
  • Telephone No. (02) 555-23-00
  • Look for Ms. Wilibell Silverio
  • Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM), Saturdays (9AM-12NN)


Acer Service Center – Cebu City
  • AMV Brothers Building
  • No.9 F. Cabahug corner Almendras Streets Mabolo, Cebu City 600
  • Telephone No. (032) 266-75-62 to 64
  • Look for Mr. Jolex Lim
  • Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM), Saturdays (9AM-12NN)


Acer Service Centre- Davao City
  • Door 3 & 4 Ebro Pelayo Compound 805, E Jacinto St., Davao City
  • Telephone No. (082) 295-71-51
  • Look for Mr. Marc Bag-ao
  • Monday to Friday (9AM-5PM), Saturdays (9AM-12NN)

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